In the Karoo, Montagu valley, lies a hidden treasure - Our scenic fruit, citrus and wine farm, Scheepersdraai, (named after general Scheepers who, together with his troops, travelled across the farm in the South African Boere War) offers you both the excitement of 4x4 action and the stillness of peaceful accommodation.
Scheepersdraai provides delicious sun-dried fruit throughout the year and fresh fruit is available, in season, 10 months a year. Farm life can be enjoyed to the full. Planting and pruning happens in winter. An intense display of seemingly endless pink and bright wild flowers and blossoms can be enjoyed during spring. Further processing and drying of fruit are done in the summer. In autumn and winter you are invited to enjoy citrus straight from the tree. A wide variety of animals, including duiker, grysbok, jackal, rooikat, baboon, black eagle ('witkruis'), crow, guineafowl, francolin ('fisant & patrys'), and other birds can be seen. Sometimes, the unique fish-eagle call can be heard next to the river. If you are lucky you'll even see the klipspringers standing against Tafelkop while enjoying the view over Montagu valley. Typical Karoo - plants, thorn trees and succulents covers the beautiful landscape.

The owner of Scheepersdraai
- Cobus Uys and his family -
(with celebrity visitor Ferdinand Rabie)

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